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Jerry and his wife, Mandi

"My superpower is I can freeze time... forever!"

As a kid growing up in Eastern Canada, I was always a big Disney fan. If you told me that as an adult I would be living an hour from the most Magical Place On Earth AND my entire family would be Disney fanatics... I would have thought you were crazy. However, that's where we are. When people ask about my Mickey Mouse tattoo, I don't say the reason I got it was because I am a huge fan of the mouse that started it all. No, the reason I got that tattoo is so that every time I look down at it, I am always reminded of this time in my life. When all my son cares about is Disney. And I get to think of all of the times when we, as a family, enjoyed our adventures at the theme parks, etc. It's a memory forever etched on my skin.

And THAT is exactly the approach I take with my photography. I capture memories that will forever live in your hearts and homes. Of times that come and go in an instant. My gift to you... the gift of freezing time.



#1 I'm a HUGE Dave Matthews Band fan... My wife and I have seen them over 15 times (Small by fanatics sake).

#2 My family loves Marvel... We've seen all of the movies several times. I had a perfect score in Marvel Trivia on a cruise last year.

#3 This one is related to #2 - My son and I attend Comiccons and cosplay as Marvel characters. He plays Rocket Raccoon and I play the Winter Soldier.

#4 I have 8 tattoos... They're addictive and like potato chips you can't just have one.

#5 I am a diehard hockey fan.... Duh! My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Lightning. I was in the arena when they won their first Stanley Cup in 2004. I cried.

#6 I met my wife on a blind date... We met while attending the University of New Brunswick (we both have bachelors degrees in science). We've been together for over 30 years and married for 25.

#7 We love to vacation on cruise ships but only Disney Cruise Line.

#8 I love to travel... I've been to 14 different countries and 21 States. My favorite places were New Zealand and the Netherlands. I have driven from Maine to Florida 8 times!

#9 I love animals... we've had a number of pets over the years including 2 cats and 2 greyhound dogs.

#10 Before I was a photographer I was a graphic artist for over 10 years.

Jerry and his family enjoying time at their favorite place on earth, Disneyland.
Disney Fanatics Welcome Here!

Jasmine + Daniel

Jerry was amazing! He was so easy to work with, he knew all the shots we wanted, and organized everyone wonderfully. We did not want the typical very formal posed pictures that have been done a million times, and Jerry knew exactly what to do. We only had to wait two weeks to get our pictures, and they took our breath away. I will treasure these pictures forever. Worth every penny!


OK. Now are you convinced? Book now! Let's grab a drink.

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