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Hot Fun In the Summertime!

Jamaica is just one of those places that has a certain vibe, smell, atmosphere, etc. I LOVE Jamaica! And when I had the chance to photograph Reena + Jordan's wedding, there was NO way I was going to miss it. And I say that because their wedding date just happen to fall on the time of my family's annual pilgrimage North to visit family in Canada.

No worries... I simply jumped on an early flight from my hometown in New Brunswick to Montego Bay. Then, made the two hour drive to beautiful, Negril. Reena, Jordan and all of their friends and family were staying (and getting married) at the amazing Sunset at the Palms. As I always like to do when it comes to photographing destinations, I spent the weekend staying on property getting to know everybody and just generally document the entire wedding weekend.

I had a fantastic time! Reena, Jordan and everyone involved were great and really made a for special wedding. They partied late into the sweaty evening and finished the night with the biggest bonfire I've ever seen... Ya mon!

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