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On Top Of (the Bottom Of) the World. Jessie + Simon's Vineyard Wedding In New Zealand.

Updated: Jan 29

To say that I was excited to fly to New Zealand, which was on my bucket list and home of the mighty All Blacks was an understatement. And to be able to feel like I was a part of Jessie and Simon's families was a bonus. I can't begin to describe how honored we were to travel all the way around the world to New Zealand to photograph Jessie and Simon's wedding at the Black Barn Vineyards. A couple of years ago I photographed Jessie's brother's wedding in Vero Beach so it was a reunion for me with the entire family. Simon's family made it from the U.K. and they also couldn't have been nicer. We started out the day capturing some getting ready with the girls, some football with the boys and some details of the amazing venue.

Then, it was time to do what we do best and that's create some creative, stunning portraits of the bride and groom and their wedding party.

One of the trademarks of our fashion magazine style edginess is our creative portraits. It is a part of the day that our clients look forward to and we do too. For Jessie and Simon, you only have to look to the beautiful venue (and couple) and surroundings and know that this portrait session was going to be a homerun!

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